Tasty Camping Desserts

Camping is a great, relatively inexpensive way to go on a family vacation.  There are many memorable things about camping trips and creating family traditions. One of the best things about camping is eating!  You get to make a mess because you are cooking outdoors and make things you can’t typically make in the house.  Here are a few tried and true ideas, gathered from many years in Girl Scouts.  They are all easy and of course delicious!

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Wraps (serves 4)

Items Needed: 

Heavy duty aluminum foil

4-8” flour tortillas

½ cup creamy peanut butter

1 cup miniature marshmallows

½ cup semisweet chocolate chips

Directions:  Spread 2 TBS. of peanut butter on each tortilla.  Next put ¼ C of marshmallows and 2 TBS of chocolate chips on half of each tortilla. Roll up, starting on the side with the goodies. Then wrap each tortilla in heavy-duty foil; seal ends tightly. Place on campfire coals for 2 to 5 minutes or until heated through. Unwrap and enjoy.

Mountain Fruit Pies (serves 2-?)

Items Needed: 

Mountain Pie Maker

2 slices of bread for each pie

1 can of pie filling (any flavor)


Directions:  Butter one side of bread, place it butter side down on a mountain pie maker.  Spoon in the pie filling.  Next butter another slice of bread, place this on top of the pie filling butter side up.  Close mountain pie maker and place on hot coals.  Cook 2-3 minutes, flip, and cook 2-3 minutes.  They are ready to eat when the bread is golden brown and doesn’t stick to the pie maker.

Banana Boats (serves 2)

Items Needed: 

Heavy duty aluminum foil

2 bananas

¼ cup semisweet chocolate chips

¼ cup miniature marshmallows

Directions:  Leave the banana in the peel, slit each banana lengthwise.  Be careful not to cut through the other side.  Pry open slightly to stuff in the chips and marshmallows in the slit.  Wrap each separately in foil and cook over coals for approximately 5 minutes or until the chips are melted.  Carefully open foil and eat with a spoon.  This can also be made in a conventional oven, bake a 300° for 5 minutes.

S’mores (serves 2)

Items Needed: 

Roasting sticks

2 sheets graham crackers

2 Hershey’s bars

2 jumbo marshmallows

Directions:  If using real sticks, make sure they are green.  To see if a stick is green, try to break it.  If it bends and/or splits it is green.  If it snaps off, it is too dry to use for roasting marshmallows and could catch on fire.  Using a pocket knife, carefully shave one end of the stick to a point.  It’s best to have your graham crackers ready before cooking the marshmallows.  Break the crackers in half, and break chocolate in half, the pieces should match in size.  Put one cracker on a plate (table, napkin, etc.), and then put one piece of chocolate on top of it.  Place marshmallow on stick and hold it close to coals, Turn occasionally, toasting to a golden brown and slightly gooey.  Place the marshmallow on top of the chocolate and use the other piece of graham cracker as a lid.  Push down on the cracker and slowly pull out the stick.  Enjoy the ooey gooey goodness.