Superman Cocktail

If your favorite watering hole is of the variety that shuns pretty drinks with layers of color, and you have probably never seen anyone order anything that didn’t come in a bottle, you should probably not order up a Superman. Unless of course you’re one of those people that enjoys hearing sighs of dismay coming from the mouths of those around them and is actually quite accustomed to getting looks of bewilderment from absolute strangers. If this floats your boat, the superman is for you, as a matter of fact, if your bartender manages to mess up your layers you might want to ask him to start over as this is quite integral to the full experience of the cocktail. Be sure to use the word cocktail.

Seriously now, the Superman, despite its prissy red and blue layers is actually quite strong, come to think of it, it’s not unlike the tights-sporting villain-swashing superhero from which is gets its name. Both can easily be underestimated.

The drink is made with Sweet and Sour Mix, Grenadine, Blue Curacao and Bacardi. It is served in a tall glass with ice, and a good Superman should have distinct layers of red and blue, a tribute to the man from planet Krypto. The trick to getting the layers is to start with the Bacardi and then add a splash of Sweet and Sour Mix. The Blue Curacao goes in next and then you can start pouring in the grenadine just until you can see a distinct layer of red and blue.

The Superman makes a good drink for the ladies that can handle the liquor but still like to have that sweet aftertaste. Ladies beware of downing too many of these though, not only will the mixture of the Bacardi and Blue Curacao have you laughing at every idiotic thing that falls off the lips of your date, but the calorie content in the grenadine really adds up, so don’t get too addicted.