Slow cooker tips and benefits

Over the years, the culinary world has seen many cooking gadgets. And one handy one that came on the scene in the early 70s is the slow cooker which is also commonly known as the crock pot. Let’s face it, consumers often get very excited when a particular gadget hits the market, and the slow cooker falls into that bracket. The fact is that this kitchen apparatus is sometimes placed in storage, maybe because of its somewhat bulky body.

Nowadays, families have extremely busy lives. Both parents and children alike spend several hours commuting to work and school which leaves a small window of time to return home and prepare nutritious meals. As such, it’s time to pull out and dust off this handy cooker and reclaim its glory. Or if you don’t own one, perhaps it’s the opportune time to secure one. Some of the benefits of using a slow cooker are:

Time management

A slow cooker allows the flexibility of a cook’s time in the kitchen. There is no need to stand and sweat over a traditional stove for hours preparing a meal. Wholesome ingredients can be washed, chopped and placed in the slow cooker early in the morning. On returning home from work or school a hearty and delicious meal is there ready for consumption. Or, if you are at home on a week-end, you can use the opportunity to execute other tasks around the home or run errands around town. Without a doubt, there is the utmost assurance that your time is managed properly because the slow cooker enables the multi-tasking of activities.

Tenderizes Protein

Another great advantage of using a slow cooker is that  tough cuts of meat can be slowly cooked and simmered into a mouthwatering and succulent dish. For example great pieces of beef chunks can be seasoned and placed in the cooker along with root veggies and spices. The result is a delicious and finger licking stew that will appeal to the palate.

Locks in flavors

In cooking a meal in a slow cooker, there is no need to constantly open the lid and observe the cooking process of a meal. As a result, the flavors are locked in and thus produce aromatic tastes that will have everyone returning for seconds.


The beautiful thing about cooking in a slow cooker is that it possess the versatility of cooking a variety of dishes. A slow cooker can soften beans or any dried grains and transform them into appealing and tasty side dishes. Season and spread over a fluffy bed of rice with your choice of protein.

When the temperatures are taking a nose-dive on the outskirts during the winter months, the slow cooker is a godsend in preparing a hearty pot of vegetable, beef or chicken soup. All that is necessary is to place a choice of ingredients in the pot along with seasoning and spices and allow this handy gadget to do its thing.

Treat your palate to a delectable dessert by utilizing the slow cooker in this arena. And the sweet and aromatic rice pudding is a perfect choice for the cooker. Toss in rice, milk, sugar, spices and let the cooker do its magic. The result will be a creamy and sweet treat. Sprinkle a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon.

Whether you call it the crock pot or the slow cooker, there’s no denying, this handy cooking gadget is an important apparatus to have in the kitchen.