Silverware Placement for Fine Dining

Setting a beautiful table is not hard if you have some basic knowledge of how to place the silverware elegantly. This will make your fine dining experience a great celebration or for a great romantic dinner. The silverware actually adds a great touch to your dining experience. You will also leave a great impact on your guests knowing you know how to place silverware.

To assist you with placement we will discuss how to place your silverware perfectly for all occasions. Always remember that the placement of the silverware completes your presentation and can create the perfect atmosphere. After all the food can be great and the table if not presented right will not give the added bonus you want.  

Cutlery needs to be presented on both sides of the plate. The order is actually an indication of what will be served and in what order if done correctly. The kitchen cutlery should always be on the outside since it is used first. The forks should always be on the left of the plate, and the spoons and knives go on the right. Sharp knives are always turned inward towards the plate.

Right side of the plate

The large table knife, also the fish knife and then the soup spoon are place to the right of the plate. Cups and saucers are also placed on the right side.

Left side of the plate

First, you place the napkin. Next you place the bread plate and butter spreader if needed. Then you place the table fork, the fish fork, and the oyster fork if that will be needed for your fine dining experience.

Important pointers that bring out the beauty of treasured silverware

~Your dinner plate should be placed one inch from the edge of your dining table.

~The handles of your forks should all be aligned at the bottom. The salad fork is to be placed the furthest left, as it will be used first. Something good to know, if you are the person eating, once you have finished you are to lay your silverware across the plate with the end of cutlery towards your body.

~Your knives are placed on the right in the order of their use. The spoons are placed to the right of the knives.

~A fork and spoon are required for all desserts. They are placed above the dinner plate.

 ~Formal dinners do not have dishes or utensils placed on the tables. There can be beautiful centerpieces to go with your settings but never have a center piece that is so high the guests can’t see each other across the table.

 Practicing the placement of silverware will help to make your fine dining experience a great success. Setting up a gorgeous table with the silverware placed right will make this a superb dining experience.