Hemorrhoid Home Treatment Solutions

Hemorrhoid home treatment is the best way to treat hemorrhoids while avoiding the embarrassing doctor examination and keeping the problem discrete.

Visiting the doctor for this examination is really embarrassing, not to mention awkward. I should know I did it. Then after the examination, it seems like I never get a straight answer. The operations are expensive and very painful afterward. You can even have a recurrence of hemorrhoids, also known as piles after the operation is done.

The home treatment is the best and least expensive route to take. You will be avoiding chemicals, drugs, drug interaction and side effects.

Preparation H ointment may reduce the pain of your external hemorrhoids, but its only temporary. You can take a salt bath for fifteen minutes throughout the day. Fill the tub with warm water and soak; at best this is really relaxing.

One home treatment is after bowel movements, you can put one drop of geranium essential oils and two drops of lavender blended with one ounce of carrier oil. This can be found at the local health food stores for these oils.

I have heard of acupressure giving some relief but the success rate was inconsistent enough to draw any conclusions. These methods can be expensive however. A good is to drink a lot of water and eat foods full of fiber such as vegetables, fruit, whole grains and bran.

One point to note is that some of the natural hemorrhoid home treatment oils do stain the underwear so its something to consider. I suggest wearing a pad or old underwear, and it will also stain your skin, but will wash off in a couple of weeks or so. If you want to avoid stains, embarrassment, keep your hemorrhoids private read these reviews of remedies here.