Tea Varieties and their Properties

Tantalizing Tea: A Refreshing Drink For All Occasions Tea is a drink brewed from the leaf of camellia sinensis. Some people drink their tea with lemon, milk, cream, or sugar; others prefer it straight up. Do you like black tea, Assam or Darjeeling? Perhaps you prefer green tea? The health benefits of tea are becoming […]

Tea in Britain

Tea was first introduced to Britain in the mid 17th century with the marriage of King Charles II to a Portuguese princess. This brought the habit of drinking tea to the English court. It was originally promoted as a medicinal beverage and by the end of the century it was widely drunk amongst the aristocracy. […]

Tea growing and harvesting facts

Tea is a natural beverage brewed from the leaves of an evergreen plant called, camellia sinensis. That of which is related to the camellia japonica. The later a familiar tree or shrub. It has become common to refer to any hot beverage that is brewed from naturally occurring plants or plant extracts as “tea”. Technically, […]

Simple Potato Wine

Potato wine is quite simple to make and the flavor is fantastic, with a citrus punch-like taste. The wine can pack a wallop, though it isn’t nearly as strong as real vodka. Though sugar is required, much of the fermentation is because of the potato starches. There are several ways to make it. However the […]