Spices needed for an authentic Indian curry .

Most people associate Indian curry with a powder purchased from the grocery store for dishes that call for curry. The word “curry” came from the Tamil area in Southern India. The French colonized southern India, and the word “kari,” which means sauce, was used when the French introduced Indian cooking to Europe.  Indians use spices […]

Something Warm in your Breakfast Bowl

When most people think about hot cereal for breakfast, the one that comes to mind is oatmeal. This is a perennial favorite that can be doctored up in many ways, both sweet and savory. It is also a very healthy hot breakfast that is not only delicious and good for you, but economical as well. […]

Sugar Beet Regular Beet Difference

Sugar beets are a different variety from regular beets, also known as garden beets or table beets. Yet all kinds of beets are the same species of plant, Beta vulgaris vulgaris. The differences between regular beets and sugar beets lie in their color, flavor, and uses. Sugar beets are a variation of mangel-wurtzel, a variety […]

Snacks to avoid and how to replace them

What are the unhealthy snacks out on the market? Potato chips, tortilla chips, candy bars, coffee, ice cream, pastries and doughnuts are included. And what are the healthy snacks that should be kept around the house instead of junk food? Peaches, grapes, pears, cherries, kiwi, carrots, corn and bananas are some. What is the appeal of […]

Snack Food Alternatives

Potato chips are arguably the most popular classic snack food, but sometimes even they get boring if they are the only kind of snack you eat. Trying something different can make for happy taste buds and will prevent you from getting sick of eating the same thing all the time. So, what are the best […]

Spices used in the Cuisine of Vietnam

Vietnam is home to one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. In this country cooking is far more than just serving up something to eat. Vietnamese cookery is based upon balance and each dish should bring pleasure to the five senses. This principle arises from the five main tastes of spicy, sour, bitter, salty, […]

Biotin Benefits

There are thousand of medical research now that shows negative indicator about how people react while he or she goes to medical therapy. Whether we agree or not, it seems difficult when medical research showing fast developing, in other case there are may human resources that are disable to show their abilities. People has to […]

Spices of Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese cooking is renowned for the variety and sophistication of spices. They produce dishes that reflect a balance of five flavours; sweet, salty, sour, hot and bitter. The result is a unique cuisine unlike any other. It is also important to note that the use of spices is different from region to region. In fact, […]

Sweet holiday treats without using your oven

Treats are a part of most holiday celebrations. Finding the time to bake holiday treats can be difficult. It is always handy to have an array of no-bake treats in your recipe arsenal. Whether you are going to a party and want to bring along a hostess gift or you are throwing your own party, […]